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Calling all Suikoshack residents!

...so first of all HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE IN THE SUIKOSHACK RIGHT NOW I think I have like... 9, by my count? (Laguna, Sieg, Cougar, 5 Chinese dudes, and Yui)

SECONDLY, since even accounting for married couples and the fact that Sieg is a bedninja, it's probably getting a wee bit crowded in there, so what do you all think of doing an expansion of some kind? As in, ICly going "hey let's make more cabin space" and adding on to it. IT COULD BE FUN and then Sieg will just fill up all the new space with more people LIKE A TENKAI

So thoughts? Anyone?

Aug. 7th, 2011

BEFORE I FORGET declaring a semi-hiatus for the rest of the week as I will be out of town! But not without internet access, so I will probably continue to pick at things as I can. :|b

Before I go...

Ahhhhh new Dissidia trailer

And for those of you who blinked and missed it:


....that is all. And I'm off to Japan for a week, so see y'all next year!

I can only hope there will be moombas too

Ahhhh you guys. YOU GUYS!!


CFUW 108 + Papillon's team

Right, so... anyone got anything more to say?


So I guess we gotta do this again...

I am rambling IGNORE ME

This is mostly just a reminder to myself because WATCH ME WIND UP FORGETTING but anyway STUFF IS HAPPENING on the 24th, 6pm-ish central time.

...also I totally don't even remember who all was ICly in on the planning CAN I HAVE A ROLL CALL OUT OF CURIOSITY even if you wanna just assume stuff happened offscreen that's cool too. |Db

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<Laguna> ....man I bet I could write a whole essay just on Laguna's feelings about Squall and WHY HE FAILS AT EXPRESSING THEM..... XD
<Squall> do it
<Laguna> ...
<Laguna> ...right now?
<Squall> yes.

This is entirely Squall's fault :|Collapse )

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*so what's a holiday without camp making sure that everyone knows exactly what day it is whether they'd like to or not? the mess hall, at least, has apparently decided to put up a banner in the day's honor, lest anyone should forget it while coming to grab something to eat...*